mellowtone's sound ranges from ambient shoegaze to psychedelic trip hop, influenced by pop, rock and indie. mellowtone, that's catchy music, soft passion, without frills but endlessly versatile.


these mellow tones are shaped by the strong voice of singer martina birbaum, who makes the music of mellowtone sometimes melancholic, sometimes stirring, but always unmistakable. responsible for the sound behind the voice are mirco ackermann (guitar), ives schmidt (piano), matthias haymoz (bass) and beat huber (drums).


the band from fribourg was founded in 2008. three years later, the debut-album acts of love was published and a first set of concerts was played in switzerland and germany. after two singles in 2012 and 2014. the second album broken rooms came out in switzerland in january 2016, internationally the album was released in 2017.